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St Columba’s Church, Boat of Garten

In  1900


In  1900


Some 20 years before Boat of Garten came into being as a village as a result of the building of the Railway Station which lay on the rail line between Blair Atholl and Forres and also the accommodation necessary for those who would service that railway, As part of that growth a post office, a hotel  and a merchant’s shop were established. In the intervening period up to 1881 Church services were held variously in the local school and in the waiting room of the Station with the Minister from Duthil Old Kirk officiating - no mean task as he also had to cover the similar Railway village of Aviemore.

Duthil Kirk Session Minutes record a meeting, probably held in the Boat Hotel, attended by the Rev James Bain, Duthil Minister, the Missionary Minister, the Postmaster, the Stationmaster, the Hotel Keeper and representatives from Duthil. At the meeting it was agreed that an approach be made to Seafield Estates for a piece of land on which to build a church. This was duly done - then there ws a lengthy gap , possibly due to lack of funds or because of a misunderstanding between the Church Committee and the Estate about what sort of church was intended. Thus it was not until 1901 that everything was agreed and building started, being finished and dedicated on the 9th Sept 1900 at a cost of £717.

Boat of Garten and Kincardine became a parish in its own right in January 1932 necessitating the purchase of a Manse. The Church itself was extended by the building of its Church Hall and Chancel in 1936.

In more recent years there have been a number of changes most notably the creation of a Linked charge (susbequently united charge) with Duthil Church (since 2017 known as Carrbridge Church) with the Minister resident in the Manse in Boat of Garten and then the creation of linkage of a similar nature with Abernethy (Nethybridge) Church.

In 2013 we welocmed our new Minister Rev Donald Walker.