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A Tale of 2 Churches

Duthil Old Parish Church

(now disused)

And  Duthil/Carrbridge  Church

(Situated within the village)

The first recorded church at Duthil, dedicated to St Peter, was built about 1400, probably on the site of an earlier building. The church has been rebuilt on several occasions. The New Statistical Account reports the pre-Reformation building was 'taken down in 1826' and a new, 'excellent edifice' built the same year. Plans held by the National Records of Scotland show the 19th century interior was focussed on a raised pulpit on the long south wall. Three galleries, off both the east and west walls, and off the north wall, sloped down towards the pulpit, and the ground floor seating was also arranged facing the pulpit and to each side. At the same time the Seafield burial vault under the previous church was replaced by the self-standing first Mausoleum.The church was again renovated just before World War I by the Glasgow architect Peter MacGregor Chalmers, when the intention was to provide space for an organ and choir. Old Duthil Church closed for services in 1967.

When the building was closed and sold, its pulpit and Communion table and chair were removed and re-installed in the former Carrbridge United Free Church, which is still (2017) used for worship by the current Church of Scotland congregation in Carrbridge. Additionally, a number of memorial plaques were removed from the walls and re-hung in the Vestry of the Carrbridge Church, where they remain

Outside the Church there is an interesting, possibly pre - Reformation, Baptismal  font similar to that found in Kincardine.

Over the years Duthil Church has served as the primary charge  for the whole of Abernethy. Kincardine and Boat of Garten were only Missionary stations until the end of the 19th century

Duthil old Parish Church

Carrbridge Church

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Carrbridge Church is the church in current usage for the Parish. Opened in August, 1909. In 1976 it underwent a transformation with the completion of an extensive renovation scheme costing £7,609.It included the remodelling of the chancel to house the pulpit, Communion table and chair, from the disused OLD PARISH CHURCH AT DUTHIL. The Communion table is in memory of the Rev Patrick Grant, minister of Duthil in the late 18th and early 19th Centuries. From him were descended through his daughter, a number of distinguished people who are commemorated by Duthil memorial tablets. They include Field Marshall Sir Patrick Grant and General Sir Henry Fane Grant.

These tablets were "rescued" and placed in the Duthil Chapel - formed in what was the rear of Carr Bridge Church

The transept, was closed off to form a church hall A feature of the renovation is the panelling at the back of the chancel, which is floodlit, and the cross which is lit from the rear. The Woman's Guild provided a red carpet in the chancel. Oil-fired central heating was installed, boosted by radiators from Old Duthil Church.

The renovated church was dedicated by the Rev Dr Horace Walker, Secretary of the Church of Scotland Home Board.

The opening ceremony, was performed by the Moderator of the Presbytery of Abernethy, the Rev. James Boyd, Nethybridge.